Civic Labs – Civic Technology solutions generator

Civic Labs is one of the main programs of Code for Romania and it aims to be the civic technology solutions generator for Romania's social issues. Civic Labs actively contributes to solving real problems by following a thorough research progress and by generating strategic, long term solutions.

This program has the ambition to be a game-changer, proposing a better way to do CSR, but also generating a better way to use technology for the benefit of civil society. Whether you are a sponsor, an NGO, an IT company or an individual expert, Civic Labs is the place where you can support a change for the better - a real, documented, proven, researched and measured solution.

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Why do we need the Civic Labs?

● because most NGOs do not have the capacity to do extensive research, nor do they have the necessary know-how to design an optimal technical solution in a short time. Given the traditional CSR cycles, based usually on short calls for proposals with high competition levels, the pitched solutions are usually weak and with little chance of success.

● because the usual sponsorship mechanics do not allow the implementer to learn to be autonomous, but only keep him alive for the next 12 months. Once the sponsorship is over, projects enter an induced coma because the implementer cannot afford to keep them alive.

● because there are too many moments when we have said we want to change something but we do not know where to start, or that we are too small to make a difference or generate systemic change.

Why should I trust the Civic Labs?

Civic Labs works because it is based on collaboration. Ever since its initial steps - research and issue mapping - it brings all the relevant stakeholders to the table, be they authorities, companies, experts, organisations etc. - in order to involve them in the process, co-interest them and to avoid effort duplication.

Civic Labs works because it gives you out-of-the-box solutions:

→ When a solution is published on the Civic Labs website it is the result of several months of research, done by specialized people in dozens of in-depth interviews, of analyzed data sets, of testing sessions with interactive prototypes and much more.

→ When a sponsor decides to open a call for proposals for a Civic Labs solution, he knows the exact outcome of what he invests in and also what impact looks like for that solution and how much it's going to cost him.

→ When the development of a solution generated in the Civic Labs is taken over by an NGO, the organization benefits from all the support, documentation and technical counsel offered by Code for Romania. It will only need a sponsor.

Civic Labs works because it brings innovation to the working standards.

● We help civil society implement the right digital solutions, that solve real problems, supporting them with development consultation and monitoring all throughout the project.

● We help sponsors invest in digital projects that they know for sure are solving real issues, projects with clear measurable impact, with cost estimates and forecasting in order for them to better invest their resources.

Treat Romania with innovation!

Even though the program is in its early days, the results we have already seen encourage us to move further. Civic Labs is supported by Vodafone Foundation Romania and Lidl Romania, but continues to search for partners to help us increase our capacity to deliver the change we all need to see in this country. If you want to team up with us or if you think your organization can get involved, contact us now.

Stay with us!

Every year we meet with hundreds of people, experts, specialists, institutions, journalists, researchers, NGOs and citizens. We find out mountains of useful and interesting information which helps us identify the most pressing issues of the field, but - most importantly - the solutions to those issues. We want to open all this knowledge for the larger audience, so we would be very happy if you subscribed to our newsletter and we kept you up to date with the results of the research and the identified solutions.