Product Description - Teacher Brain Fitness

Educators play a pivotal role in our development as people, that is why it is so important to understand in depth how we can help them and offer all the tools necessary for them to care for us and our children. Initial teacher training does not allow for the development of the skills needed that would later allow for a good management of children and teens socio-emotional needs. Initial training does not allow the candidates to prepare for becoming headteachers


In the OECD 2017 report it is augmented that future teachers have less pedagogic practice (78 hours) than any other european country, with the exception of one, and considerably less than countries like the UK where some teachers have up to 1.065 practical hours, or Lithuania, where these benefit of up to 800 hours (European Commission, 2013). Future high school teachers attend a year of specialty university courses, similarly with other european countries, but still have a very limited number of practical hours: 120 compared with up to 1.065 hours in other european states, as mentioned above (European Commission, 2013). According to data, the modules are theoretical, offer a limited view of modern teaching and evaluation methods and do not offer suitable coverage of important topics, like working with students at risk or the integration of roma or special needs children. 

Proposed Solution

Using Google`s successful practical teaching model (apps like Google Primer) but other companies as well that deliver self-learning apps that help updating and maintaining the knowledge of one or multiple fields, we propose the development of an app with short interactive courses, on subjects that cover a wide array of themes starting from the identification of children with learning disabilities, complex situational classroom management, integration for children with special needs in the class community and other micro-courses that help teachers form positive habits.

The learning curve is customizable, the teacher being able to pick at which hour and in which days will receive notifications about the micro-courses, which they can complete either on the phone or on a tablet. Each course lasts between 5 and 15 minutes in average and can be completed as many times as necessary, the teachers progress in the app being rewarded with medals, but also by ranking compared to other teachers (through a predefined gamification process)

App components

A. Mobile App with courses for teachers accessible through a basic user account, without the need of human validation.

B. Dashboard with WYSIWYG for the administrator where it can create new courses for the teachers

C. Reporting in the administrator dashboard to evaluate the courses and see usage statistics of the app.

User stories

As an administrator user I want to:

  • Be able to sign in with e-mail and password in my administrative account.
  • See all available courses in the platform
  • Be able to edit courses in the platform
  • Be able to delete a course from the platform
  • Add a new lesson (build it step by step directly from the administration panel)
  • See the rating of all courses
  • See app usage statistics
  • Add other administrators
Admin Flow

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