Disaster prepardness & relief

An earthquake in Bucharest is not a hypothetical situation. There is a certainty that this will happen. In this context, more than 40 years after the earthquake of 1977, collective memory has deeply hidden the memories of that disaster in an attempt to stifle fear. But the reality is that, four decades later, Bucharest, like the rest of the cities with high seismic risk, would not face such an event, and the loss of human lives would be huge. Seism 2018, conducted by DSU, shows that at least 4,587 people would lose their lives and 8,585 would be injured, 6 hospitals destroyed, 23 partially destroyed hospital units, and 9 damaged but functional. An estimate, we would say, quite optimistic.

What can we do to become less vulnerable? How can we prevent unnecessary damage and accidents that fall out of ignorance How can we ensure that as many victims as possible benefit and timely care? The technology is here to help and to make us more confident, to support us in the moments when panic takes hold of us, to help us organize ourselves efficiently and respond to the need for help as quickly as possible.

Seismic Risk
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