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having access to open data is just the first step in using data to the benefit of the community. Here, in Civic Labs we try to equip civil society, communities and public administration with the digital instruments they need to make the best decisions for their cities. Be it translating data to information, enriching the data collection systems or other apps, we are every day closer to smarter cities.

Regarding the subject of open data, although the central administration and all the institutions and administrations in the territory collect data essential for the operation of the state apparatus, these data have not been (and in many cases still are not) collected and centralized or made available to the public in a useful format. Poor data collection, poor data quality and lack of specialized human resources within institutions are unfortunately constant phenomena.

Regarding the digitization of the administration, Romania is constantly among the last positions in terms of Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) indicators. According to a recent study by the European Commission (Digital Governance Fact Sheet), based on data provided by Eurostat, Romania is ranked last at European level in terms of the number of citizens interacting digitally with the state (9%).

According to the data we collected in the interviews conducted with experts in the field, Romania had a growth period between 2013 and 2015 when the construction of open data infrastructure took place, which placed Romania in the Global Open Data Index in the first 15 positions in 90 states. At the end of 2018, however, Romania has fallen to the 24th position, and from the point of view of the DESI ranking, our country is constantly on the last or penultimate place.

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