Open legislation

Free access to legislation is a fundamental right of any citizen. In the same time, access is not enough. Understanding the law, deconstructing the legislative process for all citizens, increasing transparency and participation in public consultation, these are all essential components for a healthy state. Technology can help us all get closer to the ones that build the system and understand better how it impacts our lives, as well as what instruments we have at hand to get involved in decision making.

Although it may seem a niche domain, given the complexity of the process and the legislative jargon, access to legislation is, in fact, a very broad area in which countless actors from different sectors are involved, which, according to the results of our research, have considerable bottlenecks in administering and improving it. The same attributes make it unnknown to the general public who, although is obliged to respect it and obey the rigors of its results, i.e. the laws, has great challenges in identifying and assimilating it.

A convoluted process and an extremely difficult jargon. These two main problems make access to open legislation very hard for the public at large who has to respect and obey the rigors of the law but oftentimes knows very little about them. What follows is a list of all the main blockages inn the field of open access to legislation in Romania.

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